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Why Pilates?

The many benefits of Pilates are well documented and as a result its popularity has grown hugely in recent years. So why is it so popular?

Pilates is incredibly adaptable, it is truly for everybody whether a sports person, a sedentary professional or a retiree. It can be gentle but effective in improving mobility and balance in the older population or challenging and energising for the more able, whether in a group mat class or on the Pilates equipment. Pilates is also a very effective tool for rehabilitation following injury or surgery, that is why it is used by many physiotherapists and osteopaths.

So, what should you look for amongst all the classes on offer?

Most importantly is the quality of the teaching. Make sure the instructor has the most well regarded qualifications in the industry for example Stott Pilates mat certification and Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio certification.

Someone who understands how the body is designed to move, why it sometimes doesn’t move very efficiently and causes pain or discomfort and how this can be redressed. Someone who continues to explore the world of movement whether it is a Feldenkrais or Franklin method workshop, studies with Anatomy in Motion and is constantly updating an already thorough understanding of the Pilates method with the latest research from around the world.

Add to that someone who makes class fun, varied and uses some interesting analogies and that’s me! It’s probably why many of my clients have been with me for years.

I’m passionate about Pilates because it worked for me following a back injury. I practice regularly and enjoy enthusing my clients with that same desire to improve their mobility, strength and balance all vital as we age.